About Us

United Kenyan Farmers is a social enterprise aimed to improve the livelihoods of small-scale rural Kenyan farmers through contract farming. The enterprise provides training, agricultural supplies, and post-harvest support to smallholder farmers to enable them to cultivate soybean for human consumption, cooking oil, and animal feed raw material. Our purpose is to reduce Kenya’s reliance on soybean importation while simultaneously providing a good income for farming families.

United Kenyan Farmers intend to collaborate with and support farmers who own their farms in growing soy beans using leased farm inputs. Following that, the farmer pays back half of their whole yield and keeps the other half. We also buy what farmers need to sell to ensure higher pricing and stable markets for their produce. Currently, farmers who would gain from this venture are those who live in Kenya’s Soybean farming zones. Bungoma, Trans Nzioa, Kakamega, and Busia counties are among them. Kisumu, Homabay, and Migori.

Many farmers in the targeted areas cultivate maize all year long, for decades on end. This type of monocropping has been detrimental to the soil. Maize yield has dropped significantly, and a lot of inorganic fertiliser is necessary to keep maize production going. Our objective is to help replenish the soils by assisting farmers in these regions through soybean farming; soybean is a nitrogen-fixing plant.